1984 - 2004
20 years of sports surfacing consultancy
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Condition Surveys

Even under the best conditions synthetic surfaced facilities do not last forever. all types of facilities will in time require renewal and refurbishment to ensure that athletes and players get the most from their facility and that they can play and take part in a safe and comfortable environment. MSc offers condition surveys of all types of facility to ensure compliance with either the original specification for the various elements or to current standards to ensure compliance with the requirements of sports governing bodies.

Condition surveys can be undertaken at any stage of a facilities life, but they are most commonly requested when a problem is noticed by the owner. However, regular health checks on a facility can help prevent and even predict when problems are likely to occur.

Comprehensive surveys of facilities are recommended just prior to the end of the warranty period, to ensure that the facility remains within the performance requirements of the warranty agreement. If problems are found at this stage an MSc report can often be enough to convince a contractor to return to site and carry out the remedial measures required.

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