1984 - 2004
20 years of sports surfacing consultancy
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Services During Construction - Full Supervision

In cases where the client is unable to make any in-house resources available for project management, we can provide all necessary management and supervision at every stage of the work.   When providing this level of services we will undertake the following:

  • Provide you with a list of recommended contractors and surfacing systems for the facilities
  • Produce two copies of the specification and all drawings for each of the companies selected to tender, plus copies for our client and the lottery sports fund and other external funding agencies, if required
  • Issue the tenders to selected companies
  • Evaluate the tenders and produce a Tender Evaluation Report
  • Attend, if necessary, a meeting in our client’s offices with the two or three lowest tenderers, to discuss their proposals in more detail
  • Provide the services required of 'Designers' under the CDM regulations
  • Prepare the Articles of Agreement and Form of Contract using a standard form of building contract
  • Provide all necessary supervision at every stage of the work
  • Appoint a member of our staff to act as ‘Employer's Agent’ - who will call on the services of other members of our team when necessary e.g. Quantity Surveyor, Laboratory Staff, Irrigation and Electrical Engineers, etc.
  • Attend site as and when necessary, normally at least weekly and undertake all inspections and testing, as detailed on the next sheet
  • Chair and minute monthly site meetings with the main contractor and any subcontractors
  • Deal with interim claims for payment and all other matters of liaison between the client and the contractor throughout
  • Certify interim grant applications to the lottery sports fund and other grant aiding bodies
  • Review any variation orders and report upon changes that may be occurring in the anticipated final cost
  • Provide any further consultancy services required throughout the defects liability period of the contract (normally one year)
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