1984 - 2004
20 years of sports surfacing consultancy
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With more than 30 years experience in all-weather sports facility design, contract supervision, materials control, sports performance testing and certification, MSc provides a single source of genuinely independent advice at every stage of your plan, from its initial concept, through to its certification to Sports Governing Body standards.

MSc can help you transform your idea into a working design, deal with your planning application, prepare full construction drawings and specifications, advise on suitable contractors and organise a competitive tendering process.

The overall cost of any project can be hugely influenced by ground conditions and for that reason a geotechnical investigation is normally undertaken. The detailed specification for the project can include floodlighting design, irrigation, public address and other ancillary features as necessary.

If you want to seek Sports Lottery funding, or support from other sources, MSc can advise on the criteria to be met and will prepare and submit the bid on your behalf. This can include a comprehensive sports development plan and a business plan for the funding and operation of the new facility.

When work starts on site, MScís team of experienced professional staff will be there to supervise the work at every stage, act as Planning Supervisor, maintain regular progress meetings with the contractors and certify interim claims for payment.
Throughout the contract, checks on the quality of the construction will be made at key stages chosen to ensure that the specification requirements are being achieved and that any errors or problems are detected at a point when it is still possible to correct them with the minimum of disruption.

With its own in-house laboratories at your disposal, MSc will undertake a programme of quality control on all surfacing materials and carry out all the necessary sports performance testing on the completed facility.

Because its laboratories carry the official accreditation of the International Sports Governing Bodies, these tests can include formal certification where required.

Responsibility for the project is retained throughout the defects liability period with a further test before the release of the Contract retention.

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