1984 - 2004
20 years of sports surfacing consultancy
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Key Stage Inspections

A sports facility is a complicated piece of engineering that is required to have the right playing characteristics for the sport, be safe to use and at the same time withstand rough treatment and remain stable for a realistic period of time.  To ensure these objectives are achieved proper quality assurance procedures and inspections should be applied throughout construction.

In cases where the Client is able to make in-house resources available for project management we can provide the necessary specialist supervision at each stage of the construction Whilst we pride ourselves on offering a flexible service that is tailored to our client’s exact requirements, we typically make site inspections at the end of each construction stage from the sub-grade preparation through drainage, foundations and macadam to surfacing and line marking.

During our inspections we will assess the depth, porosity and quality of foundation and asphalt materials; ensure the regularity of formation and asphalt layers are in accordance with specification requirements, assess the thickness, regularity and porosity of shockpads and ensure the installation and jointing of the playing surface is undertaken in a professional manner.

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