1984 - 2004
20 years of sports surfacing consultancy

Assessment of Facilities on Completion & at the End of Defects & Warranty Periods

Most major sports governing bodies have now defined the qualities they consider appropriate for the surfaces on which a sport is played. To ensure the new facility satisfies your expectations these qualities should form the basis of your project specification.

Once the facility is built it should be tested to ensure the contractor has achieved the level of performance specified.  Testing is also advisable just before the end of the defects period and the end of any warranty so that any deterioration in performance can be identified and can be rectified by the contractor under the terms of the contract.

Our testing programmes are designed to allow a full assessment of a facility to be made. Tests are made in a number of defined locations and include a thorough visual examination and photographic record of any distinctive features.  Line markings are surveyed to ensure compliance with the sportís rules and regulations, whilst floodlights are checked for luminance levels and uniformity.

Our testing service includes the production of a full report detailing the results of all measurements, together with copies of the photographs and our conclusions about the facility.

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Assessment of Surface Regularity on the UEFA Pilot Pitch, SV Salzburg, Austria

Determination of Force Reduction pre-
Olympic Games - Stadium Australia

Assessment of ITF Surface Pace ready for the Davis Cup Competition - NIA, Birmingham, UK

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