1984 - 2004
20 years of sports surfacing consultancy
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Quality Monitoring

To ensure that the playing surface is fit for the intended use and in accordance with the project specification proper quality assurance procedures should be applied throughout construction. Certain components of a synthetic surfacing system will be factory prefabricated, whilst others may be manufactured in-situ from complex chemical mixtures, the properties of which can be influenced by faulty workmanship, defective materials or adverse weather conditions. In every case, there is a need to check that the physical properties of each component of the system conform to the anticipated values.

MSc have developed a series of quality procedures in which samples of material are prepared on site by the contractor before being sent to the laboratory for testing. Synthetic turfs are normally assessed for properties such as pile height, stitch rate and joint strength. Synthetic, polymeric surfaces and bound rubber shock pads are assessed for thickness, density and tensile properties, whilst aggregates and mineral surfaces are checked for particle grading, shape, porosity and water absorption.

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